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Posted by Chad on December 13, 2011

Made a trip to Little Talladega for my 40th birthday weekend

My second time out on the track with Dugie riding along

Had a BLAST!! This was the first trip for the truck to an actual track for a grip day. My buddy Erin Sanford, who has more track time than myself, rode with me on my first trip out. And after taking the Datsun out and beating on it a for a little while, he said the truck was setup really nicely and the suspension felt good and it had good acceleration and overall did really good. He gave me some parting words as we were exiting the truck for me to continue working on my line and I should be in good shape.

I was proud for the truck to handle the pressure of grip driving. I know that drifting can be abussive on a vehicle, but road racing really puts some serious stresses on the frame and suspension. So I was excited to see that all my fab work held together as great as it did! Not even and stress fracture!

Unfortunately the day didn’t end without incident. I ended up melting a water supply line to the Turbo trim. So that ended my day of fun. But that was fine. I was on my last time out on the track for the day anyway. I got 5-6 hard laps in before I saw smoke coming from the hood vent.

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