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Posted by Chad on August 2, 2010

Be Cool Daddio!

After some extra cash came in, I was able to order the external water pump from Summit. This meant that I was gonna have to move the radiator to the rear of the truck. Well, actually, that was the plan all along. There are a few reasons why this was a better option than trying to leave the rad in the engine bay.

1. With the rad in the rear, that takes the heat out of the engine bay, therefore helping to keep the entire bay at a lower temp.

2. There simply is more free airflow in the rear of the truck.

3. The external water pump is electric, meaning that I can run that consistently without running the truck. This way the truck will cool off WWAAAYY faster than if I was to have it on mechanical setup. Plus the mechanical setup doesn’t have enough strength to push that much water.

4. With the rad out of the engine bay and away from the intercooler which it was pressed up against, I will have less heat soaking issues and also creating a little cooler air into the intake.

This is the only picture that I took of the radiator in the rear. I painted it gloss black like everything else before going to the track. I never even got to drive it around before the event. As soon as I got finished I loaded it on the trailer and went to bed because I had to be at Turner the next morning.