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Posted by Chad on July 14, 2010

Turner Feild July 10th

This past weekend was much better than my previous event at Turner. We still had a few issues but once those were fixed it was fine for the most part. First, I took the truck out for the first run group and it immediately started spitting as soon as it got into boost. I ran two more laps to see if maybe the truck was not warm enough. Pulled back to the pits. Matt started looking at stuff and found out that the water pump was installed backwards, even though I followed the instructions to the letter. Fixed that by swapping the water lines.

I went out to make some more runs and then the truck wouldn’t start. I figured out that I knocked off the starter relay wire. Easy fix.

Then the day went pretty good until one of the event staff approached me and told me that my fan blades had broken off. Sure enough, I was missing all the blades on one side of my fan! And the fan had somehow come unplugged. Plugged it in, turned on the power and immediately turned it off. The fan was so off balance that it had literally shaken itself unplugged.Will Staab, the staff that informed me about my fan, offered to sell me a nice 16″ for $40.

I was able to make two more passes before the truck was to hot to drive anymore. I just hung out with the guys the rest of the day and smoked a cigar.

Will Staab flaked on the fan as I suspected he would. Delete!

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