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Posted by Chad on May 21, 2010

SpeedHunters and HellaFlush

Looks like the Datsun made to both their sites.

I got a new fuel cell from my buddy Matt at Foerst MotorWerks. Took me a couple of days to get it all fabbed in the back and cut the bed up to mate down onto the new cell. I will get a picture up soon of what it looks like with the new cell peeking through the bed. It looks super clean with the cell popping up out of the old dirty bed of that Datsun. :)

The Soarer even made it in the coverage. I got lucky to have two cars in the show, much more to have both show up on these Top-of-the-FoodChain Sites!

Both sites said that it was their personal favorites of the car show that I was in at Formula Drift.
To answer the question that I’ve already been ask a few times: I did not run at Formula Drift. I love drifting and soon to hopefully be Road Racing in this thing but I’m not really not a competitive person. More competitive with myself than anyone. I have a tendency to get into my own world when I’m playing with the car and forget about hanging out with my friends. I start to get self competitive and start thinking of how I can do better and what I should do to adjust the truck or myself so that I’m that much more efficient when I’m out there.

Anyway, the Datsun is about to be featured in a magazine really soon so be on the look out for updates on that. I’m excited to see my hard work get put in a quality magazine!

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