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Posted by Chad on October 15, 2009

Recut the intercooler & dash.

A few updates. Can’t explain a lot of them. Just pics of things as we SLOWLY wrap it up. I swear this thing is going to be the death of me due to stress!!

We had to recut the intercooler for a second time.

I know the bay looks like shart.

Went with a new shifter that my brother made while he was here one weekend. 25mm cell casing. He also mounted the hand brake.


And it looks like I’m gonna be able fit the original center console back in its spot.
The gauges look good. Thanks Erin.

Also, not pictured is Matts old seat that I acquired that will be installed as soon as I get brackets. Thanks Matt.

There is a ton of little things that I’m having to tackle that I won’t be posting pictures of like fuel lines, brake and clutch line, PS lines, battery relocating, ground wires, door bars, throttle pedal bracket and throttle plenum bracket.
But I will try to remember to video the start up.
And I don’t know when this will be done, as I keep giving general dates that keep getting shot out of the water. Hopefully it will be done for the event.

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