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Posted by Chad on December 31, 2008

Parts, Pieces and Custom!!

clutch, pressure and 10lb Fly

1620 Ironman clutch and Pressure plate and 10 pound Flywheel. All from Competition Clutch.

Power FC

S13 SR20det Power FC with Commander. Figured that I might as well do it right the first time around.



  • 20g Turbo that I bought from TigerRacing here in Atlanta
  • GReddy Style intake plenum
  • 650cc SARD Injectors
  • Mallory 30-100psi Fuel Regulator
  • MSD external Fuel pump
  • Hybrid Intercooler
  • Top Mount manifold
  • BC Springs and Retainers
  • Greddy style BOV
  • Z32 mafs
  • Strut tower bars
  • JDM wood steering wheel
  • Just about every gauge you can think of
  • New Toshiba laptop to help tune the power FC and because I needed a new one. :)

Greddy E-01

The new boost controller and a bottom mount manifold because the top mount isn’t gonna work with the 20g. 20g has a T2 flange and the Top Mount has a T3/T4. :(

Willwood stuff

Willwood stuff2

Decided to get rid of all the crap in the engine bay because I’m gonna need all the room that I can get to make the frikk’n SR20det to fit.

Fuel Cell

16 gallon foam fuel cell for to mount in the rear for weight control and the foam will keep it from sloshing all around when drifting and throwing the truck off balance.


Bought a cool dual 4″ tip exhaust at RIPgarage. I think this will look baller hanging out of the back!!


Bought myself a new Lincoln Electric 3200 so I can get better welds.

I still have to buy:

  • Wheels
  • Coilovers
  • driveshaft
  • Muffler
  • hydraulic hand brake, probably ksport
  • Radiator fan/s
  • all lines/fuel, brake, clutch, etc,.
  • Radiator

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