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Posted by Chad on December 31, 2008

*LATE LATE UPDATE* Frontend mounted.

Subframe mounted

**Read the bottom of this post to see why I’ve been absent for so long.**

We got the front subframe mounted with little effort. I was quite suprised with how easy it was to get it on there. I cut off the “ears” of the subframe to clean it up some. I also added bracing in front of it so that I can move the motor closer to the front. The subframe had to be mounted in this location so that hubs would line up with the factory wheel alignment in relation to the fenders. When I measured the motor in its current location to the where it sits on the subframe it will put the motor in the firewall by 3 inches. Thats the point of adding the motor mounts in front of the factory mounting points.


After a little clean up and paint.

suspension and rack attached

The frame on the truck is considerably narrower than the 240. I gotta figure out what I’m gonna do about the tie rods. They won’t fit for the truck. And I don’t think I can weld anything to the ends to get them to reach the front mountig points without being to flimsy. I think I can use the factory datsun tie rods and just redrill the holes on the ends.

Looks like I’m gonna have some issues with the rack too. The sway bars are going to need tabs welded for the mounting points as well.

rack issue

Here’s the obvious issue with the rack and a closer look at the welds. I’m going to go over the welds again when I get a better welder.

Since the bolts on the gear box are “A-Symmetrical” I just removed the bolts and turned the gearbox cap two positions and reinserted the bolts. Hopefully this will work without any henderance to performance of the gearbox. Now all ports face away from the frame and subframe.

swaybar mounts

This is a look at the passenger side sway bar mount. It’s obviously gonna get a mounting tab.

Motor mounted

Ok, next issue is the turbo elbow. It’s pointing right at the frame. We ordered a V-mount setup with braided flex pipe from so we can fab up our own turbo elbow. Everything needed was just under $300. Quite expensive for just a custom Turbo Elbow.

I’m also gonna need to make a tranny mount too.

I didn’t take pictures, but with the motor mounted forward on the new mounts it was hitting the steering rack along with the turbo elbow completely covering the path for the steering shaft to the gearbox. The swaybar was hitting to oil pan too. So I had to move the motor back to its original mounting point on the subframe.

Engine bay1

Engine Bay2

Ok, after some cleanup and trimming the fairewall for the motor fitment. This is the color I’m thinking of going with.

Cabin gutted and cut

I had to remove the dash to make room for the new pedal assembly, wiring and gauges.

All of this stuff even though it says December 30th, 2007. It was all done over this past summer. I’ve been on the road working for AT&T and haven’t been working on the truck much because I haven’t been home.

I was able to order most of the parts needed to finish the project. I’m still going to be on the road for a few more months but will be updating as much as possible and building as often as possible.

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